Drum Roll Please!!!

And the winner of my bloggy giveaway is... CELESTE!!! Congratulations!!!! Email me your mailing info and head on over to my earrings page and pick you self out a pair of pretties and I'll get them and your new knitty bit cowl on it's way to you! My children's accessory line's new name is "Twinkle Tots" yay! I'm so excited!

Thank you all for all the wonderful comments, emails and entries. I had SUCH a hard time deciding the were all so wonderful!

This was so much fun. I think I'm going to do bloggy giveaways more often! Ok I'm off to enjoy my Sunday. It's cold and wet and gloomy today but a good day to take down the tree and watch some movies :)


Celeste said…
Yeah!!! okay - now I need to go and pick out some earrings ...um, that's hard - they are all AMAZING!! :)
Celeste said…
Alrighty...I've emailed you! :) Thanks so much - this WAS tons of fun! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh congratulations to Celeste! She's so deserving as all of her ideas were just wonderful!

Aren't giveaways just the best!? I love them! I'm having one right now and it's just such fun.

Hope you have a fabulous week dear friend.♥
Celeste said…
Aww, thanks manamoon - I liked your ideas too! :) - I'm off to check out yours. :)

Oh yeah, Marianna - did you get my email? Recently, some of my friends have told me that they have not been receiving my emails...just checking.

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