Thank you for all the wonderful emails about my class! It went TERRIFIC!! so much fun. The gals all did an excellent job creating their bracelets some of them made more than one for xmas presents and I just LOVE that! Several people will be opening up a handmade pretty that I taught their loved ones how to make and in one of my designs. That just lights up my heart! Handmade for the Holidays is so awesome. I've tried to make so many gifts this season and I'm still plugging away at my list. I have a lot of crafting to do and less than 12 days to do it! :) oh update on the boots: Sharon suggested Stylehive and they indeed had a listing for them at modcloth but once again they're Out of Stock, boohoo!! oh well I'll just keep peeping around and who knows maybe come spring or summer I'll get an even better deal on them and save them for next season ;) I kinda had a peek at one of my xmas presents from my parents...

I haven't had many Pretty Shiny Things to show lately but I promise you I am working on new things, just at a snails pace while I try to finish up Holiday stuff and fill and ship orders to get to you in time for Christmas. Enjoy your weekend!


Anonymous said…
Oh I'm so happy the class went well and I just knew everyone would have a wonderful time. Isn't it fabulous to help others express they're creativity? I just love it. Sorry you're still not able to find those gorgeous boots, I'll keep my eyes open though.

Here's wishing you a fabulous weekend!♥

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