Some show n tell

I just finished up this warm and chunky Alpaca Cowl in a soft and pretty ballerina pink then added a big old vintage button to it for some contrast and interest. I still haven't decided whether to list in on my website or if I have anyone to pair it up with for a gift. I need to consult my list :)

These romantic looking lovelies are making their way up on my site and etsy soon. I don't know what it is about them but they really just look like a romantic, feminine and fun style of earrings. It might be that vintage flare that does it. I noticed that with several of my necklaces too. It's sort of the style I tend to lean the most towards when creating.

Got my little sweet cheeks to pose for a few shots so I could get some snaps for his Christmas pics and for the Christmas cards. Cutting it kind of close but their only heading off to cheek pinching aunts and grandparents. Every year I always think I'll have more time for Christmas cards and get them out in time and I have this huge list of friends and family I'd like to send them to and then it seems too late and I poop out lol!

So here's the two pictures I used on them this year.

and this chunky cowl is for my mom. It has these pretty silver metalic tiny threads throughout that glimmer and it's super soft so I think she'll like it.

Here's a sneak peek at what's happening in the studio...Something new coming to Star Girl in the new year! Stay tuned :)

Also I have a special promo going on that I was going to offer only to my newsletter subscribers but I'm hoping to move out as much inventory and make room for new things in the New Year so right now I'm offering BUY ONE GET ONE HALF OFF (item of lesser value will be the half off item) my entire inventory. EVERYTHING you see on my website and etsy shop! Depending on what you buy, it may or may not be there in time for Christmas but I will sure do my very best and if you email first I can let you know for sure. Most everything is guaranteed by Christmas if ordered by the 22nd but if it's a custom order then I can't promise that it will be BUT on the plus side you'd be getting a killer deal on it, right?! ENJOY!


Anonymous said…
I just love visiting your blog and see all the gorgeous new creations you make. I have such a love for jewelry AND fibers which obviously you do too. ;-) More than anything I love seeing the photos of Noah and how he's grown, looking so charming in that red Christmas sweater.

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