Paint in my hair and more home improvement projects

I'm just sitting here drinking my hot cocoa and watching Juno (for what has to be at least the 12th time) waiting for the paint to dry. We've got a few home improvement projects going and the ones I'm working on are painting and antique glazing the double vanity in one of the upstairs baths and changing out the kitchen cabinet pulls and knobs in the kitchen. Whew! fun stuff though.

The vanity was a beautiful dark wood but it's original to the house and was showing wear and water damage so I decided to do a pretty fresh couple of coats of an antique cream color and then tomorrow I'm going to hit it with some Antiquing glaze to spice it up a little. New counter tops in there is the next plan but not for a bit yet.

This weekend Joe is putting in a new vanity, countertop, sink and faucet fixture in our master bath. That one was pretty beat up and Lowe's had some pretty good deals going on last week so it was hard to pass up. So Merry Christmas to us lol! Home improvements are our gift to eachother this year lol!

So that's what the last couple of days has consisted of, fun stuff right? :)
Ok so I'm off to package and ship your orders and then it's back to painting. Have a great day!!!


Robin said…
maybe I should have you over for a painting party here, now that I have ripped 75% of the wallpaper out of the kitchen with no immediate plans for it yet. You should wear a hat when painting. lol
Anonymous said…
I honestly don't know how you do it Marianna... mom, home, business, home improvements, wow! Hope all everything turns out great (I know it will with your taste) and that you have a fabulous weekend.♥
Marianna said…
I get bouts of ADD and get a little scattered when I get an idea in my head lol!
They turned out great though I'll admit I was nervous then I reminded my self it's just paint and played around with it a bit and it looks good :) I'd never used glaze before boy is that ever fun stuff!!! Now I'm looking around the house to see what I else I can glaze lol!!! :)
Anonymous said…
Oh I understand all too well about those bouts, get them myself at times. ;-)

Isn't glaze just the best?? I love the consistency and it magic of plain paint. So glad everything turned out great!
Marianna said…
You're the professional Painter Sharon, next time I'm going to be sure to pick your brain a little bit :) I was so nervous! lol!! I am so loving glaze and a teeny tiny bit goes a looooooong way! Now I understand why the little carton like thing that it comes in isn't very big :)

I still need to post about your wonderful award, I'm slacking, sorry!
Marianna said…
robin I'll bring my steamer and we'll have that wallpaper off in no time! :)

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