Holly Jolly

Did you have a good holiday?! We sure did. Now we're living off of leftovers and trying to muster up the motivation to get dressed and leave the house lol! I have some things to exchange and some sales I want to checkout but in the mean time meet my mom's new baby: This is Oscar/SassyLashes ;) Noah still call him Sassy Lashes and I have to admit I do too lol! How cute is that little face! He's about the size of a little chinchilla! He has 1 more vet appt. on Monday morning and then he's off to his new home. My brother and sister and I all bought pet items for my parents for their presents. So Sassy Lashes has enough sweaters to go around and of course the necessities of pet beds, collars, leashes, leopard print treat jars (He is sassy afterall!) and tons of other cute toys :)

Makes me want a new puppy now! uh oh Jasmine (the cat) just gave me the hairy eyeball I'd better watch what I say ;)

We are having some wacky weather here in Michigan and it's been warm (50's which is really warm for this time of year for us) and rainy so all the snow is a melted and a soggy mess. I actually quite love the snow so I'm hoping for more to come dump on us soon. It usually takes me well into Feb. or March to start yearning for Spring.

I'm still not back to work yet. Feels good to just sit back and enjoy the holidays with my family so I'll be back at it in a couple of days so any orders will go out after the new year. Although after the below zero weather we've been having it would be kinda nice to sit out at the torch without chattery teeth but alas I'll take my chances and finish enjoying the holidays and I hope you do too! Have a great day!


Robin said…
What breed is that puppy? So cute!
Same here no mojo to get up and go, just sitting around eating every snacky thing in sight. Feeling fatter by the minute:(
Marianna said…
what is it about snacky foods? I'm doing the same thing! It's like they're the feel good food while your eating them and then once you're done then they're the make you feel like crap about yourself food lol!
Anonymous said…
Oh your Mom's new puppy is just darling! I'd want one too but our cat must be related to Jasmine! hah!

We've had crazy weather here too all the more reason to hang out in pj's all day! :D

Wishing you a wonderful New Year my dear♥

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