CONTEST!!!! So before I go any further I'd like to finally post the giveaway I was wanting to do for my 800th blog post! I'm not 24 posts past my 800th but it's never to late for free stuff!
So here's the deal: In a few weeks I'm going to be debuting my new children's line! I don't have a name for it yet so that's where you come in! I need a new name for the children's line that will be added to my website so you're job is to leave me a comment with your suggestion (more than one is welcomed) Contest ends Jan. 3rd at midnight eastern time. I will then go through all the suggestions and pick the one that best suits the new line of accessories and that person will be the winner. I'm still working on what the prize will be but trust me it'll be good! If more than one person gives the same name suggestion then I will write down all of doubles or triples or quadruples or whatever they may be and pull a name to determine a winner! Sound good? Now get to brainstorming because I can't wait to hear what you all come up with :)
I'll be posting a picture of the prize in the next day or two!
I finally got my camera back (forgot it at my sister in law's house) so I'll be uploading some pics to share of our holidays. Be back soon!


Celeste said…
BittyBaubles ???

Sugar and Spice...and all jewels nice ???
(or "all beads nice" - something like that)

Trendy Tots ???

If I think of any more - I'll add them...


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Anonymous said…
Oooh, that's a tough one, since I'm not sure what you'll be creating but I will add it to my contest list and hopefully others will stop by with some brainstorming ideas. ;-)
Robin said…
Starbright ?
Shamrocker99 said…
Babes in BeadLand? Shamrocker99 at aol dot com
Babies Little Shiny Things and Blings...

Little Shiny Things and Blings...

Little Star Girl Brights and Blings...

Star Girl Star Lights and Brights...

Are a few that popped into my head...LOL
Anonymous said…
Tiny Treasures is a sweet name I think!
Thanks for the contest!
potterygirl said…
I also think that maybe also
"For the little Loves"
or just"Little Loves"
Anonymous said…
Hi Marianna, I came up with one. How about Twinkles like Twinkle - Twinkle little star.
Celeste said…
Wow! Me and manamoon must have been thinking the same!!

I was thinking "Twinkle" - it would look cute in all lower case too (twinkle) ...that would help imply that it is for children even more.

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Amanda said…
I love star baby.

star baybee

tiny star

little star
Mel said…
Okay...I am going to give a list if at all possible :), and am hoping that this will be the one of many.

So here it goes:

- Tiny Tot Treasures
- Little Inspirations
- Simplicity
- Baby Love
- The Savvy Star
- Tiny Baubles
- Life's Treasures
- Baby Bling
- Star Light, StarGirl Bright
- Wish Upon a Star
Anonymous said…
I absolutely agree with Celeste and that's exactly what I was picturing; all in lower case and perhaps with a star or two around the name. You can even give Celeste the prize if you choose that name so you don't have to give two things away. ;-)
coffeegirl said…
Well, I kind of think you've come up with a name without realizing it: Sassy Lashes.
Or, name it after your son: Sweet Cheeks.
Here's what I came up with to play off the "star" in your business name:
Over the Moon
Blue Moon
Man in the Moon
Sweetie Pie
Pie in the Sky Designs

anyway, I'll keep thinking. Thanks for the contest! Best wishes.
Celeste said…
Heavenly Light Children's Jewelry...

I got the idea of 'heavenly light' from my 1st and middle name: Celeste Helene, which (together) means heavenly light! :)

Anyway, I still like the 'twinkle' one the best!

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Mel said…
I have to admit that Twinkle Tots is quite catchy. I am really likin that one. So err umm...Marianne...what if I support the name that is chosen? :)
Mel said… are a few more:

- Itty Bitty Illuminations
- Glimmer Glam
- Twinkles Treasures

Oh yes...I will be back again :)
Mel said…
Okay...I warned ya. Just as soon as I closed the comment box, I thought of another:)

- Savvy Starlets
Marianna said…
oh my gosh! you guys are really making it hard to choose!!! There's still a few more days left though :)

If I choose a name suggestion that was suggested by more than one person then all of those people will go into a drawing so the prize get's fairly given.

Happy New Year!!! and keep those entries coming ;)

See ya in 2009!
Celeste said…
I just love this! I've had a blast thinking of names:

Starflower...creations for children
StarStrung (maybe you could add something to that?)

Celeste said…
Okay, I can't stop thinking of these!!!

Starling...for your little darling

AK said…
Here are some of my suggestions:

-Little Star Joolz
-KidStar Bling (or Kid Star Bling)
-KidStar Joolz (or Kid Star Joolz)

You have a hard job ahead of you though, I love so many of the names others have suggested! Good luck picking just one!

Mel said…
...and some more :)

- Mainstream Moppets (syn for children)

Hey...I was addicted to the muppets and so it caught my attention.

- Beads, Baubles, and Babes
- Twinkles Trinkets

Okay...enough for now, and hope to be back with more.
Celeste said…
Okay - I think this is the last 'idea' I'm gonna post:


I was thinking it could all be lowercase - with some stars or w/ brackets (or both):



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