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I seemed to have blown by my 800th blog posting. I had plans to do a big bloggy giveaway and I still do so no worries once this busy weekend is over I'll have a fun giveaway to post and I'll be spending all of next week loading all of the new lovelies up to my etsy shop and website and gearing full speed ahead for the holidays :)

800 posts, wow I talk alot lol! and that's not counting my old blog from when I was using Yahoo for my site and blog back in the day lol!

Anyone else out there as big a "Twilight" fan as I am? I am over the moon, out of my mind excited to see the movie. I can remember when an advanced readers copy was tossed on my desk to be reviewed years and years ago! It was instantly one of those books that forever stuck in my head and I could picture it being made into a movie so for it to finally be here on the big screen makes me very giddy!!! My sister and some of our vampire lovin' gal pals are all going to be heading out for a girls night to see it but with the big show this weekend it'll have to wait a few more days. We are so excited though!

We had another birthday filled weekend around here. My little neice Kiley turned 1! The cake monster aka. Noah was in frosting heaven. He didn't ask for a piece of cake, he asked for the green frosting lol!

He got a new Lightening Mcqueen ski cap so that's what he's wearing in this pic and it hasn't left his little noggin since :)
We have ourselves a little jam session at least once a day. He was jamming to Coldplays La Vida song :)

and here's a sneak at one of the silver core pandora beads I created to bring to the show with me. How seriously cute are those paws! Birds are pretty easy peasy however get into other critters with feet and more details and when it comes to hammering the sterling into them it's like performing surgery. I was sweating I kid you not. With all the details of his feet alone it was so hard to get a good flat hold on him to flare the silver into place. I was sure he was either going to crack or his little paws were going to pop off. A stick of deoderant later he was done and had all fours intact lol!

I'm ganna take a few other shots of his facial details and body and post those later.

Also we've been getting snow! Wet snow, slushy snow, snow that actually sticks to the ground and covers everything, black ice, sleet. Yep Winter is already here! We've got flurries going on right now and I think some more snow showers heading our way. My mother in law got some pics emailed to her from some friends of ours from Indiana. They're our neighbors when we head to the camper and they live close by so they check on our campers for us, well they sent some pics of all the snow that was there already too. It's sad to see the camper all closed up for the season covered in snow. I'd love to go cuddle up in the woods in our little nest :)

So we might have a new addition to the family for Christmas this year :) NO I'm not pregnant lol! My mom's new baby was born a few days ago! Actually 5 of them were! They are Schitzu puppies and she's trying to decide on a girl or boy. There were 3 girls born and 2 boys. We've always had females so I have a feeling she'll choose a girl. Noah's already calling it Sassy Lashes lol! Either way it'll be quite a few weeks before it'll be able to leave it's momma.

So I mentioned yesterday that I got a blog award! Sharon and I met through this wonderful bloggy world and her work is AMAZING! The award is for blogs that inspire and so I'm very happy and proud and humbled to know that Sharon thinks so :) Now I am to pass it on to 7 other bloggers but quite honestly if you look down the sidebar of my blog those links of blogs over there---> they ALL inspire me tremendously! So I'll pass it on to the ones I know like to be tagged and awared and will pass it on.
Robin, Tara , Sarah, Julie, Lori, Talia & Lidy

If you have blogs that inspire you be sure to pass the award on. I'm sure it'll make their day just as it has made mine!

Thanks Sharon!
Sharon has a big Black Friday show happening in Pennsylvania. You can get all the info for it from her blog if you are in the area. I know we are all spread all over the globe in this bloggy world of ours so it's always nice to be able to pass on info like this. You never know who's reading and maybe they live right around the corner and can peep in and see all the wonderful work that Sharon creates :)

Have a great day!

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Anonymous said…
Oh my, there's just so much to comment on here! The bead is gorgeous and the process sounds so painstaking but the end results are fabulous, so yet another reason you inspire me. ;-)

Congrats on the 800 posts, wow! It's such a wonderful milestone and I'm celebrating with you in spirit.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend - much success!! That sneak peak looks gorgeous, will definitely be back for more!

Will have to check out the bloggers you awarded as I'm sure they inspire you as much as you do me. Thanks so much for the plug too, you're a darling! Happy jamming♥
Anonymous said…
I don't know if I mentioned this but I finished the bracelet with your beads, love it!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend♥

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