Down to the knitty gritty time!

5 days until Holiday Market! yikes and excitement all in one is what I'm feeling. Big shows are always a totally different feel for me than home shows (not as nerve racking for whatever the reason.) I am officially transferred to a shiny new hosting company who transferred all my files and whatnot's for me and sat on the phone with me many, many times walking me through the new set up and control panel and even setting up my email for me. Fabulous! AND I'm finally able to publish my site, woohoo!!! Felt good to take the weekend off but tomorrow I'll finally be able to update my site and clean old pages up a bit. I probably won't be adding any new pieces for sale just yet. Most everything is coming with me to HM so when I get back I'll assess what's left (hopefully not much ::wink::wink::) and throw a little photo shoot and work on getting new things up on my site and in my etsy shop. In the mean time I'll be posting as often as I can and probably just jabbering on about the preparations for HM that I'm working on and posting random pictures here and there :)
Be back later!


Anonymous said…
Oh my, it's quickly approaching isn't it - woohoo! And a big congrats on getting the hosting finally situated, phew! That was a LONG haul but well worth it in the end. Have a fabulous week my friend♥
Marianna said…
Thank Sharon! I'm no good with too much technical stuff so I'm glad to have that behind me lol!
Anonymous said…
Oh I understand completely Marianna. I used to be great at the techi stuff but access too much of my creative side anymore to be any good at it these days.

Wanted to let you know I've posted an award for you on my blog so when you have a chance to visit that would be great, thanks♥

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