Change, change, change!

::sigh:: and that was a long sigh at that, a sigh of relief and hope! What a beautiful election day. Not just because the person I voted for won but because the people came out and gathered to exercise their rights. SO MANY PEOPLE! it was amazing! 4 years ago I remember by stomach dropping, confusion and anger setting in and threatening to move to Canada. That last part I was joking about of course (or was I? I do love Canada very much!) but I can say that my patriotism went right out the door. Tears of joy streamed down my face last night and I'm feeling a little pep in my step today :) I am happy and ready for all the great changes that await. I'm well aware that things don't just happen over night but I can already see a brighter future and that makes me happy and I am proud once again. So there you have it folk, my once ever 4 years political post :) and now back to our regularly schedule program...BEADS! I'm heading out right now to get some work done. I found just what I've been looking for to use to display my silver core beads at Holiday Market and although I'm still on the hunt for a very specific item to attach to my business cards to give away to the first 100 early birds that come to the show with this new pep in my step I'm feeling confident that I'll find it :) I'll let you know how my hunt goes and when I find what I'm looking for I give you a sneak peek at what it is I'm giving away.
Have a great day!!!
PS. these earrings will be coming to etsy very soon. They are one of a kind created using beautiful pink faux pearls from a very very vintage re purposed necklace. The same beads that I used in the French Kiss bracelet trio and this is the last of those beads just enough for a super sweet pair of earrings.


Renee said…
I couldn't agree more with your post!I'm so happy that he won,too!And you are so right,I was just telling my husband how I've always loved our country but with the way Bush made us seem to other countries,I was ashamed at who I was & not patriotic at all,now I feel so proud to be an American again & I do feel that things will change for the better! :)Wish I could see you at the show,but I guess I'll just have to live through the fun of your pics! :) PS-Just finally got artful blogger & will be drooling over it tonight...finally! :) Renee
Anonymous said…
Oh I'm with you Marianna! Yesterday was amazing!! I woke up with such a sense of peace after going to bed filled with hope!! Here's to a new beginning, phew!!
Margit said…
Congratulations on this wonderful election result!!
I couldn't agree more with your post either! I'm soooo glad Barack Obama won! I must admit it made me a bit emotional too.
America can be proud again. I really feel you all have done an excellent job! Finally the time for change has come! Now we can start building a better and more beautiful world together!
Hm! I feel something....I can feel the vibes..Yes! I can feel THE CHANGE-VIBES, right here in the Netherlands! :-)) Let's start!
Margit (the Netherlands).
Love your snowman.

You've been tagged!
Marianna said…
Renee, absolutely that's how I've felt too. Also I wish you could make it to the show but I'll be sure to take lot's of pictures! :)

Sharon, I've been walking around all day saying that I'm feeling a pep in my patriotic step lol!

Margit, my dear friend your words always make me smile! BIG hugs to you!!! :)

and thank you so much Jan!!!

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