Wow! were did the time go? I hate when I go too long without posting. I've been working on new beads, jewelry and knitty bits. I've been slowly making my way through book reviews that need editing. The new review set up is in the works so all the old and new reviews from over the years are going to be transferred to the new site. Apryl and her crew have been working on it for a long time now, it's so much work but they're doing such a good job. I'm really excited to see it all done. We've been doing some Fall clean up outdoors which is no fun. Every year it seems like we've accumulated more toys, sports equipment and outdoor furniture and it's always a pain in the butt to try and configure it a specific way to make it all fit under the back porch. It's huge under there it's like a built in shed. It's all bricked in and part of the house with door almost like a single car garage with a regular door instead of a garage door and it's attached to the back of the house with a staircase and patio built above it off the kitchen and it's jam packed with Christmas lights, umbrellas, tables, toys, lawn mowers, bikes...yeah you get the picture, it's jam packed! I'm thinking a big garage sale might be needed in the Spring lol!

I've got some cool beads in the kiln right now. More to come as soon as I get my tank refilled tomorrow at some point. I'm hoping to have some new specials up by mid week if not sooner. Also all of my Halloween bead singles and sets on etsy have been marked down and I'll be taking limited orders on those this week so I can make them up and get them out asap so you can have them in plenty of time to enjoy them for Halloween so if you are still in need of some spooktacular beads now is the time to get 'em! :) I've also just added some more winter themed beads, time to move on to the next holiday, right? ;)

Ok I need to scoot on out of here and keep the progress on the laundry going. I'm one of those weirdos who actually likes doing laundry however, I hate putting the clothes away, can't stand it. I totally procrastinate and will live out of laundry baskets of clean clothes for days before finally just sucking it up and putting the clothes away lol!


Anonymous said…
Although our years of storing massive toys in available place are over I can certainly relate to your laundry habits! LOL! Garage sales are always the way to go, you make someone else happy with "a find" and you rake in a few extra bucks! ;-)

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