Monday already?!

If you are looking for vintage wallpaper, ephemera and other old treasures stop by my My Fred & Ginger etsy shop. You'll also find these birdie little guys! I love anything to do with birds, nests and eggs and setting up little vingettes around the house that are bird themed and these little guys are perfect for that sort of thing.

ugh, so the company that hosts my site switched to new servers and finally migrated my site over however now it's time to work out all the bugs, of course. So I'm waiting to get some things figured out and changed so I can publish my site once again. In the mean time I'm working on new things for the upcoming Holiday Market show that is coming up in November. I'm so excited about it. Here's flyer! I hope if you live close or are planning on heading this way that you'll stop by and say "Hi!". I've got some errands to run and some pictures to upload and work on. I'll be back later to show you some more knitty bits I've been working on and a few other things.


Robin said…
That's right I did see bird eggs on your kitchen table when I was over, how cute.

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