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Bead Specials are coming very, very soon! The company that hosts my site is still updating and changing servers and whatever else they're doing so I'm still having trouble publishing my site.

"Dear Easy Cgi, We've been together a very, very, very long time but out future is looking grim..."
Good Day Sir!"

grrrr...I hate technical difficulties like this. I have zilch when it comes to patience on this sort of thing. I'll wait it out a bit and if still a no go I'll upload everything to etsy and then send you all a email letting you know that's they're all up and ready. Lot's of cool stuff. More silver core pandora beads, big focal beads and even a few really pretty bead sets. I love setting aside time to play at the torch. I strayed from my usual whimsy, sculptural beads this time around for a more organic style. Now onto a very image heavy blog post to fill the time while I wait for technical support to get their act together. Simone at Crafty Daisies has been running this super cool Craft Book Club and posting projects and reviews of all the craft books she trying. Saw this handy dandy tissue holder and couldn't resist! LOVE IT! Quick and easy, instant gratification crafts, gotta love 'em.
This little cutie hanging out outside my studio doors. Ah, rainwater out of a tricycle, so refreshing :)

THIS is the piece of furniture I was talking about a few weeks ago that I snagged at an antique store for SOOOOOOOOOOO cheap! ($15!!!!!!!!!!!) I about fell over when I saw it and new it would be perfect for our foyer. The drawers and cabinets all work smoothly and are huge and deep and it's super clean with some wear in all the right spots. I think I might just add a quick coat of antiquing glaze just to spice it up a little bit. Originally I was going to patina it with like a turquoise blue and sand distress it but I think I'll save that technique for the piece I plan to add to my kitchen.

My favorite witch decoration. I'd keep her up all year long if I could :)

Oh yum! I tried out this yummy Sour Cream Coffee bundt recipe that I found over at Farm Chicks. This is the picture before drizzling the icing and topping all over it and by the time I remembered that I hadn't taken a pic of it finished it was...well finished!!! yikes! it was so good!! I promise you I didn't eat it all myself but rather it fed a hungry group of 9 :)

A sneak peek at the Bead Specials that are on their way!

I love playing with any sort of reactive glass. Hand mixing and pulling makes me feel like a mad scientist and the colors that come out of the kiln are just to die for. It's like gazing into a galaxy of colors.

And more of beautiful reactive glass that's been snowballed for extra sparkle.
Ok I'm outta here for now. Ganna go package orders up and make a run to the post office. I'll be back in a bit and hopefully to tell ya that bead specials are up and ready to go!

PS. These earrings and several other new pairs are making their way up on my Etsy Shoppe!


Anonymous said…
Wow, everything is so scrumptious from the cake to the beads to that gorgeous find for $15!! WOW!! Loved the little guy at his watering hole too! Hang in there with the internet, everything happens for a reason. ;-)

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