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I've been working on a lot of different things this week. Whew! Holiday Market 2008 show is coming up quick and I've been busy pricing, tagging, creating, sorting and brainstorming. Some stuff I've added to my site and etsy shop and if it doesn't sell between now and Nov. 22 then it'll come along with me to the show :) This is a set of 3 bracelets. I adore this set! They are very comfortable and feminine and they were all created from broken vintage necklaces. This to me is the true meaning of "one man's trash is another man's treasure" I tied them all together with some pretty grosgrain ribbon just for looks and for the sake of display, I thought it was cute. You can find them in my etsy shop. Would they just make a great gift for the holidays or split them up and you'll have 3 gifts for the price of one!
Last year I made up several pinwheel flower pins and this year I'm making Amy Butler shabby flower pins! Don't you just love 'em! It's like a shabby flower pin assembly line over here ;)
They look pretty on a purse, lapel, scarf, headband and pretty much anywhere else you can think to pin one. They are all different, some in vintage fabric, some with rhinestone centers or vintage buttons centers and they are all different sizes.

This is another finished necklace I finally completed today. Again created from a beautiful old vintage necklace. It's a long style that can be doubled and layered and worn so many different ways and the large hammered links finish it off perfectly.
And lastly, for tonight anyways, these earrings are wood painted and carved with an animal print and the tobacco quartz rounds are to die for with their super facets. These are fun and dazzling at the same time.
Now it's time to read to my little tot and decide whether to take advantage of the quiet night time for more work like I usually do or if I should cuddle up with some green tea and call it a night because I feel achey and sniffles, yuk! Wish me luck! :)


Anonymous said…
Oh I love all of your new creations, just gorgeous! I love how you reuse vintage pieces and make such lovely new creations. The longer necklace on the bottom is my personal fav and the colors are just dreamy.

Hope you feel better and have a productive yet enjoyable weekend!
Robin said…
I love the vintage necklace colors. You got a new header for your blog too huh?
Marianna said…
Thanks Sharon and Robin!
I have the most fun reusing beautiful old beads :)

I did change out the header, I get bored easily and think I may change it out more often just to give my blog a different look from my website, does it look ok? :)

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