I'm a Transvestite from Transexual, Transylvania

I've been bopping around with Rocky Horror sound track playing on my Ipod for weeks and couldn't resist! I'm off to bed early tonight, long fun day ahead and I just spent the last hour ripping apart and completely remaking a store bought tiger costume because my little bear is growing like a weed! and here I thought I was getting off easy this year lol! Good thing I thought to have him try it on again. I'll try and pop in early in the day and I'll be posting some new earrings up in my etsy shop in the early afternoon. Have a great night! and just in case I don't make it in for an update:
Happy Halloween!!!


Anonymous said…
OMG!!! I love that movie!! haha!! Just the best!! Hope you have a wonderful Halloween my friend and enjoy all the festivities (oh they do grow fast, don't they!).♥
Anonymous said…
You've been Boo-ed!


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