Holy cow what happened to September?!

Can you believe it's October already?! I just cannot even get over how fast 2008 is going by. There's so much going on!!! The Holiday Market show that my Moms in Business group puts on every year is coming up fast. I'll post the flier here, I just need to dig it up from my pc files but they're really cute. I have several trunk shows (home parties) coming up in the next several weeks and as much as I love doing them I always worry that I won't have enough inventory, which in turn puts me into full creating gear :)

I created this photo animation to spiff up the main page of my website. I'm not sure if it'll even work on my blog but you can see it in full effect HERE. I have this addiction with creating animations lately lol! I'm still working on uploading new items to my website and etsy. Slowly but surly, right?

Heather posted the yummiest Pumpkin cookies recipe on her blog a few days ago. I totally adore her blog and couldn't pass up a good cookie recipe. So off I went to the grocery store to pick up what I needed which was just the pumpkin and the flour since all the ingredients are pretty basic and most of us have it on the ready in our cupboards. I did forget the powdered sugar for the glaze though so I'll have to make up another batch this weekend to get the full effect but they are YUMMY!!! I don't do much baking in the Summer months but there's just something about Fall that seems to keep me in the kitchen WAY more, love it! I also snagged a crock pot recipe from my friend Lori's blog that sounds so yummy. I don't think I've touched my crock pot since last winter so I'm really looking forward to bringing back the soups, stews and chili. Do you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share? I'd love to try it!


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