the good, the bad and the ugly...stick with the good

Two posts in one day! wow, not too often, right? Well ok hang on I'm stepping up on my soap box for a few minutes :)

I don't usually take to my blog to vent about too many things but I'm just really feeling the need to express the importance of good friendships. Both me and my husband are pretty passive and non confrontational but at some point in every one's lives even the most passive of people will have had enough when it comes to bad friends. Liars, backstabbers and immature actions do NOT make for good friends. We always try to surround ourselves with family and laughter and really true genuine friends. People to share ups and downs that happen in our lives. The good and the bad and are able to be joyous at the good and sympathetic and supporting when its something bad. When someone get's off on hearing the bad and completely eaten alive with jealousy and acts hurtful if they see good things happen to you, then it's definitely time to get them out of your lives and that's what we've had to do a few months ago. BEFORE any of this happened we were fortunate enough to have some old friends that we haven't seen in years come back into our lives and later when my husband and I were talking we realized that it's just another of those simple blessings that God gives us. As if to remind us to always surround ourselves with positive people and show us that we don't need the negative. We're lucky enough to have a many wonderful and loving friends (and family of course) to share many laughs, fun times, sad times, milestones and support. I'm a firm believer of thinking positive and allowing positive things to happen and trying to block out the negative. Sometimes it's hard to do but it really does work! In the mean time, those negative people continue to try to bring the people around them down (down to their level apparently, must be lonely down there) and will continue to burn bridges and be miserable in their lives. Even to the point where they're list of friends has dwindled so much that they're back to hanging out with people that they've done nothing but MAJORLY trash talk behind their backs, nice people too, as far I can tell so I actually feel bad for them for any trust they're reinstating in these fairweathered fakes that they think are being their friends. Well, good riddance! The farther apart we grew the more they showed their true colors.
Ok I'm stepping off my soap box :) Go give your good friends a big squeeze and enjoy them.


Anonymous said…
Great posting Mariana and SO true! I'm so much like you in that life is just too short to try and see the happiness and appreciate what we have in every moment. It's wonderful to share in each others triumphs and comforting to share in our down falls to because we can lift each other up and always know that we're not alone.

Loved your soap box edition - just perfect!♥
Marianna said…
Thank Sharon! And I really do appreciate all of my bloggy and online friends like you very very much too. You are all included in the friendships I treasure category :) These friendships are just as important as our face to face friendships.
Anonymous said…
Oh I agree with you completely. I've met more creative & caring people through our bloggy world than I ever have in my life. It's such a blessing to know we all share so much in common, like our giving hearts and caring personalities. ;-)
Marianna said…
{{{HUGS}}} Right on Sharon!! Those are the perfect words! :)

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