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I'm in the Winter 09 issue of Artful Blogging Magazine! I'm pretty tickled about it! Not as a featured blogger but rather for participating in the "I Saw Red" challenge that fellow bloggy gal Sarah of Sadie Olive started up. I even got my blog plugged :) Yay! It has been such an inspiration and so much fun participating and although I've been slacking on posting the challenge pictures I do still participate and will continue to. If you get a chance checkout the magazine, it's such a cool publication full of awesome blogs of all kinds. Very inspiring!

Also I did manage to finally publish my site which means that Bead Specials are up and ready to go!!! I have several new jewelry pieces to add to etsy and the website and more pictures to finish uploading and editing so I'm off for now.


Renee said…
Hi Marianna!Just discovered your blog when I was searching google to see when the winter issue of artful blogging should be out since none of my stores have it (where did you find yours?),so it had your blog as a link & when I clicked it, I noticed you are in Michigan, then I saw your pics of the Ann Arbor museum,so you must be my neighbor!I'm in Canton for the time being.I haven't had much time to look at the older posts, but what I have seen is truly amazing!Now I have a new blog to visit that's of someone from my area!woohoo!Renee
Marianna said…
Hi Renee!!! Thanks for stopping by and for such a nice comment! I ordered my copy of AB from but you can also order it directly from Stampington Co. they also have a store directory on their website that let's you put your zip code in and it'll tell you of any stores in your area that carries the magazine. I don't have any near me that do so I had to order it.

We are practically neighbors! We head up to Canton to go to Ikea and Jungle Java quite often and even more often to Ann Arbor. If you get a chance to head down this way be sure to stop by my Holiday Market show on Nov. 22 and say "Hi!" and pick up some free goodies from my booth ;) and I hope you'll stop by my blog often to chit chat more too!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh how absolutely wonderful Marianna!! I'm SO happy for you! I've seen this publication in the past and admired it so much, that's just too cool and will have to check it out! Congrats!!!♥
Renee said…
Hi Marianna!
Feel free to also stop by here,too b/c my husband works out of state so it's just me & the girls here.I'm maybe 5 min from Ikea. :)I saw the holiday show is in Monroe...too far for me to drive alone and/or with my car. ;)Actually I have a few stores that carry AB,but they didn't put it out yet & it's driving me nuts b/c I practically drool over it & as soon as I have read it,I'm impatiently waiting for the next one,a new issue every month would be so much nicer b/c I can't stand the wait! :)I checked out your shop & I found out you make your own beads!!!How cool is that!At Eastern Michigan I'm taking a jewelry making class & we learned to anneal,etc.It's fun but stressful & time consuming for all of us,but it's sool to have made something from start to finish. :)So far I made a copper leaf,we made earrings but I ruined them when I went to dome them.oops! :)We just finished making rings,now we are working on pendants,then a bracelet & we will be finished. :)Well,gotta go,1 daughter has party that I'm helping with,another has a renaissance fair so I have to go watch her. :)Bye for now!Renee
Marianna said…
oh my gosh wouldn't it be nice to have a new issue every month! I just checked and the next one doesn't come out until Feb. Yikes that seems so far away! lol!

Your class sounds so cool! I would LOVE to take a clase like that some day and I can't wait to hear how your finished pieces turn out.
How did the ring turn out? I love rings I'm pretty sure if I took a class like that I'd be making some many rings and wearing one on each finger lol!

Hope you and the girls had an awesome Halloween!
Renee said…
Yeah,Feb. seems like so far away...I think they do it to keep us even more interested,but heck,even if they had a new issue every day,I don't think it would get broing since there are thousands of bloggers out there...I love finding new blogs through them & I'm really excited that I found you before the magazine. :) I'm still on my hunt for the winter issue...I'm going to check my Joann's store again today...they carry it,but put them out later and later each time.grrr! :) The class has been really hard for all of us there since it's our first time & she's like do this,this & that then we're on our own unless we ask for help so our first pieces haven't come out good,but for extra credit we can fix them up...I think my rings are the best so far,they are made of copper,one is plain & 1 I had to put texture,so I made palm trees on it.I would love to make the jewelry at home but she said for those projects that we made,the only good tools to use are the school ones,not the cheap ones for home use.What do you use to make your beads & did it cost a lot?I want to start making things with my girls, but can't spend a fortune either. ;)Renee

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