Zoo Days

We had ourselves a Zoo day a few days ago, thought I'd share some fun pics. The weather has been awesome this week. Perfect 70's with that little bit of chill in the early mornings and evenings. Fall is definitely upon us and I LOVE it! A few snaps from the butterfly gardens

The guys being silly :)
Gorgeous and totally, insanely creepy all at the same time, right? And I'm sure he was amused to have me all up in his face trying to get a cool pic.

Today was another fun filled day. Spent the entire day in Ann Arbor roaming the streets and enjoying the scenery, shops and the Hands on Museum (pictures to come, camera battery totally died on me at the end) I have to say Joe & I had just as much fun at the museum as Noah did. That place is so cool! I also had the pleasure of meeting Vicki of Heavenly Metal!!
I'm always excited to get to meet people from online, whose websites and/or blogs I love. Her shop is so totally fabulous, I could have stayed in there for hours on end! I walked out with a super looooong chain necklace with love charms that I adore and wish I would have snatched up a tee I had my eye on and a few other birdy items. Heck, if I could have I would have walked out with this cool tree branch bird sanctuary vignette she had going on in the corner, it was so awesome! It's always nice to meet online friends in person and especially nice to know that they're just as nice in person as they seem online :) Love it!

I must have been walking around on some creative cloud today because I also managed to fill my kiln to the brim with beads (all for custom orders, sorry but new bead specials coming soon I promise!) and to top things off my delivery for a HUGE sterling silver order arrived as well as some new tools so I was dancing the happy dance over that and got busy working on a new bracelet I've been dreaming about for the past week. It's done and I'll show you tomorrow how it turned out but for now I'm ready to totally crash and enjoy a few mindless hours of television ;)
Have a great night!
PS. Thank you so much for all the wonderful emails about my Halloween headbands! I've already begun taking orders on them and as long as you place your order at least 2 weeks before Halloween I'll be able to get yours to you in time. I can't decide which one I want to wear yet, I keep prancing around the house and studio in the ones I've created and set aside for my mom, they're so much fun to wear!


Anonymous said…
Oh it looks like you guys had a wonderful time, love the butterfly photo of Noah! And you've been a busily creating new goodies too boot! Enjoy!!
RockerJewlz said…

Check the link for heavenly metals...it is really www.heavenlymetal.com...no "s" after metal...didn't want anyone to miss out!
Marianna said…
oh shoot! Thank you so much for letting me know Julie!

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