Why I Love Fall...

One of the big reason I LOVE Fall is the very few shows I love to tivo and watch start back up again! This year they've brought back 90210!!!!! Did you watch the 2 hour premier? Loved it! Hopefully Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy will start up again soon too AND I've season passed the new vampire drama on HBO TrueBlood which looks fantastic so I thought I'd check that out. Thank goodness for Tivo otherwise I'd never get to watch anything I want to watch lol! And yes I'm well aware that we haven't even passed Halloween yet and I'm already creating and taking orders on Christmas and winter themed beads but you all asked for it and so I delivered, you can now find quite a lot of holiday beads in my Etsy shop and there is more to come. This is one of my favorite sets, the purples are just divine and the little snow angels are too precious to pass up!
I finally, FINALLY picked up an external hard drive! Check that off my to do list. I LOVE both of my computers but my life (literally, a bazillion pictures of everything & everyone!) and my business is on my computers and I have NEVER backed anything up, yikes!! By technology standards and how fast new things are invented my computers are probably considered dinosaurs by now so I feel a whole heck of a lot better knowing that I finally quit procrastinating and picked one up. Real simple to use too which is always a bonus :)

So I'm off for now, ever since finishing Breaking Dawn I've been mulling over what I feel like reading next. I've been re reading some light reads and non fiction bits but still not sure what I feel like jumping into next. I'll let you know!


Anonymous said…
Ah backing up... great idea!! I nearly lost everything a few months back which would have been tragic so yes I believe in external hard drives as well! Hurray for Tivo too!!

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