What's new? well have a look!

Isn't this jewelry pouch just divine?! Susan from Susan's Keepsakes
creates the most fabulous items. She's included a few of my handmade lampwork glass beads into her jewelry pouches which I think is so awesome. I LOVE to see what my beads go off into the world to become and I'm always humbled, pleasantly surprised and happy to see them used in such creative ways! The beads on this pouch are my Spring Confetti beads which are heavily encased to really magnify all the different specs of color throughout. I think they go perfectly with that luscious satin fabric, don't you?

I was also lucky enough to nab one of Susan's fabulous reading pillows! I LOVE it!!
Remember the bracelet I had mentioned I was working on? Here it is, you can now find it here and in a few minutes you'll also be able to find it here. Take a peek around my site, I finally updated a bit and added several new earrings, bracelets and necklaces and there are more making their way over the next few days as I work on more updates.
and before I head off for the night, just a quick snap of a magical looking road. Where it'll take you no body knows, well we know now but not at the time lol! This was taken on a recent random road trip to Indiana. Where exactly? who knows, we love to explore and TRY to get ourselves lost a bit and then when we've had enough we'll just punch a destination into the GPS and head back to familiar grounds but it's always a fun adventure.

Have a great night!


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