Monday already?!

Here's some new pieces I've been working on. This necklace is HUGE and definitely has a presence. It features large...and I do mean LARGE...faux pearls with BIG beautiful faceted Aqua Quartz wrapped in heave gauge sterling silver. It can be worn with the layers laying flat and graduated or torsade style and it will be available on my website and etsy shop shortly. Is this not just a fun and fabulous ring? It is however already SOLD, made it's debut at my Moms in Business networking night which is like a mini show and was snatched right up within minutes of me setting in on my display :) Love when that happens. It's created out of very vintage flower brooch the petals are all beaded on and movable and it's securely attached to a beautiful wide band full adjustable hammered brass band.

Here is another big and bold ring. It's fashioned from a vintage brooch as well and is very organic featuring pearls , brass stampings and has a beautiful patina to it. The back side is coated in a silicone because there were some rough edges that were unavoidable when re purposing this piece but also makes it super comfortable on the hand because it is a large knuckle to knuckle piece so no rubbing discomfort! This will also be available shortly!

You know it's going to be a long week when it's only Monday and for whatever the reason it was feeling like a Wednesday lol! We had a really awesome weekend and I hope you all did too! I'll be back later with some more pictures of new items to share, my camera battery is charging up :)
See ya back here soon!


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