oh yes I have been up all night. Fell asleep at around 2:30am for about an hour and half and then woke up and couldn't fall back asleep. I'll head back up and drift off again soon but thought I'd share a few new things first.
The drapes for my studio are complete. I love them! Something about black and white that I just adore. Good thing I save all left over paint for a while after a project because the old valance and the new curtain rod had different placement so those are the spots you see in the picture, I've since touched that up :)
Lot's of new things in the works and a messy, messy, SUPER messy studio to show for. Here's a glimpse.
A necklace I started a while ago and did and re-did several times over until finally this beautiful green Magnasite made it all just click. The Swarovski crystal floral piece on the pendant is actually a clasp turned fancy bail.
This one of a kind HUGE stamped silver medallion pendant has gorgeous blue denim died Howlite and green Jade. It has a western styling that I just love.
And now my eyeballs are finally feeling the need to close again so off I go! Check back later today for a knitty new look that will be coming soon!


Anonymous said…
Love how your new curtains look, they came out gorgeous!! That's a fabulous coffee cup on your tablet too, speaking of black and white (*wink*).
Marianna said…
bah!! I hadn't even noticed the coffee cup, guess I really am addicted to black and white color combo lol!!

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