I'm back!

What a fun extra long weekend! Soon as I get the pictures uploaded I'll share a few. Our getaway was full of great friends, good eats, lot's of laughs, lot's of yummy Chai Lattes from my favorite little coffee shop, lot's of shopping and watching the hubby and his team kick butt at the volleyball tournament and win the trophy (it's just for fun but it was still exciting) Noah had a blast playing flashlight tag with the kids, it was really cute to watch lol! So today I'm working on getting my drapes sewn and finished for my studio. I need to make a quick run to Lowe's for an 8 ft rod and then just use these nifty large hoops with clips and viola! I'll show you the end result and hopefully it looks like I'm hoping it does lol!
My Annabelle's are doing great. I still have 2 more to get in the ground today.
This cutey patooty bracelet will be making it's way up on the site and etsy later today. Is it too early for Wintery themed jewelry and beads? I don't think so and from all the request I've been getting I'd say you all don't think so either :)
Have a great day!


Anonymous said…
How fabulous that you had such a wonderful trip and that your hubby won the tournament!! Love the material you've chosen for your drapes and can't wait to see them up!

Gorgeous Annabelle's too and your work is always so darling!

I love visiting your blog so when you have the time could you stop by mine to view an award I left you. Thanks ~ Sharon

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