Halloween Headbands...

Coming soon to my etsy shop I have some super fun Halloween headbands! Very comfortable and so much fun! I can't wait to wear mine!

We have been on the go NON stop! Joe is using his final vacation days for the year, he get's a little over a month's worth to use up and we try to spread them out through the Spring/Summer season so if it seems like we've been on vacation a lot this summer this is why lol! They need to be used up so we've been all over the place just relaxing and having fun. Zoo's, Museums, shopping, the movies and just pretty much what ever else floats our boat. The original plan was to also include a few days either up north, down south or out east depending on the weather but 2 of Joe's real estate deals got their clear to close so those got lined up back to back this week and so we've opted for day trips instead. Fine by us, we just pick a place, load up the car and get up and go :)

I have been working on so many things it makes my head spin just thinking about everything lol! Lot's of fun stuff! Most of which I can't show you just yet as they are specialty items that I've been commissioned to do for a wholesale account and a boutique that will be opening up soon locally. Really cute stuff! In the mean time just wanted to pop in and let you know what's new. Time to head back out to the torch while I've got the down time. Have a great day!!


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