Allow me to introduce you to Miss Dotty...

This is Miss Dotty! My latest lovely knitty bit. She is made up of my most favorite shade of green in my most favorite super soft and super chunky wool and she is jazzed up with bits of fabulous red polka dot fabric strips for long fringy fabulous fun. She can be worn as a cowled neck warmer or ...
as a cozy shoulder snuggler.
Isn't she lovely? ;)
I don't know what my obsession is with feather earrings, maybe it stems from my love of all things birdy (probably not but it sounded good lol!)
I've bought them at stores, boutiques, from wonderfully talented etsy artisans. I've made my own from all sorts of funky fabulous feather finds before. These are no exception, funky fabulous feathers they are for sure. So much fun to wear!

Finally sat down and had a chance to use some of the Halloween beads I've been making non stop for orders. These pleasantly plump pumpkins are decorated on both sides so it doesn't matter which way they face.
Orange, purple and green to me is the ultimate fall color combo. I just love it!
These just might be my new favorites. I'm in love! Antiqued copper is just so rich and warm and divine. There is so many colors Copper goes well with and Turquoise is by far my favorite.
Turquoise glazed porcelain beads and faceted smokey quartz

oh lala, here are some of my electric blue raku encased beads with some looooong linear silver drops. The movement and color of these are just incredibly fun to wear.

Somehow my lack of sleep the past several days has worked in my favor :) Now I just need to work on getting them all up on my site and etsy shop. But I'm off for now, I'm hosting a girls scrap booking night and then tomorrow night I'm having the gals over for Bunco. Fun, fun fun!
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Anonymous said…
Gorgeous pieces but I LOVE Miss Dotty - absolutely fabulous!! Hey, where'd you find the bust? Have been looking for one forever!
Marianna said…
Thanks Sharon! I got that particular bust from ebay, there's a ton of them on there, a bit pricey but I love her! :)
Anonymous said…
Thanks so much Marianna, I really appreciate the lead to eBay! I know they're expensive but if I can actually find on, it's worth it! Hope you have a fabulous weekend!
Marianna said…
You welcome Sharon! Sometimes I see antique ones at the flea markets but those are beyond my comfort zone in price lol! but they are gorgeous too, maybe someday :) They're so fun to decorate with scarves and joolz not just for taking pictures, it's like being a kid again and playing fashion show sometimes lol! I'm silly, I know it ;)

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