Where does the time go?

My sweet little bear turned 3 today. Where does the time go? I can't believe how fast the past 3 years has gone! We had a play date and lunch at McD's play land with my sister and nephew and then a BBQ mini party for him at my parents house for dinner. He opened up and has been enjoying his new playhouse from my parents, the hummer truck power wheels from Joe's parents, grandparents really do know how to spoil lol! I know mine were the same way with me and my siblings so it's fun to see with Noah. His actual birthday party that we'll be having here at home for him is on Saturday with his cousins and friends. He's really excited about that! He doesn't ever really mention presents, he seems most excited about his Mickey Mouse cake and making everyone wear party hats lol!
( My big boy!)
I'm still working away at bead orders and plan to put in a full days work Sunday and Monday to finish things up and get to work on new things. I've got my studio all spic and span trying to get my house in party hosting mode since it's one of the first things you see when you pass through to the rec room or to the back patio. Too bad I can't seem to keep it this clean all the time, it looks quite nice! Ah, well the creative chaos that results from a good days work is a good thing, right? ;)
( at 8mths old after a bath, still small enough to bathe in the kitchen sink :))

So I'm off to bed. Tomorrow is a full day of cleaning, setting up tables, hanging streamers and birthday banners and running back and forth to the store because I'm sure I'll have forgotten to pick up a few last minute things. Have a wonderful day and I'll try to pop back in throughout the party prepping madness. TGIF! ~M


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