Treasury West

( a chunky knitty project from a few months ago)

Yippy!!! It's always so much fun for me to see when a fellow etsian includes one of my items in their treasury! This one is in Treasury West, it works the same way as the regular treasury it's just hidden as far as I can tell. I'm not sure what the deal is with it but it's not as big as the regular treasury but etsy does still use them on their main page whenever they feel like it. I used to be good about checking to see if I'm ever included in other sellers picks but I've been slacking lately so it's nice to have friends and sellers notice and tell me :) It's always exciting! I was trying to do a page shot as a picture but I haven't a clue how to do it but it's my Queen of Hearts lampwork set that's been included, thanks so much kohlcass.


Anonymous said…
Hey congrats on the Treasury Marianna and I did notice the Treasury West as well. I think it showed up around the time that they were making a server change and needed a back up of Treasuries so the others could expire... ok, too much info. But here's some info you might find handy...

To make a screen shot you go to the page you want to copy and while holding the Control key down you press the Print Screen button. This places a copy of your computer. You can then open an image editing program and paste the image into the program. You'll have to crop it as it takes a picture of the entire desktop.

All the best ~ Sharon
Marianna said…
yay!!! Sharon you're a gem! Thanks so much!!!

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