Time to get organized

I desperately need to get more organized. I need to sit down and research some good external hard drives and pick me up one so I can once and for all back up both of my computers and all of the bazillions of pictures I have saved. Like this pair for example, I could have sworn I had included them in my latest photo shoot of new joolz but I couldn't find the pictures anywhere! Turns out they were in a completely different folder than they should have been and quite honestly as I was going through trying to find these I found several others that weren't where they belong, whoops! Definitely time to get organized :)

I've got lots of beads to make, clean, string, package up and ship out. I have new things to list on my website and etsy. Other orders to finish up and ship out. A fabulous new jewelry book that I treated myself to that just arrived as well as my September issue of Romantic Homes (it's like Christmas in August!) I also have 2 books I need to finish up reviews on and several reviews (from other reviewers) to edit. If you get a chance swing on by Fiction Addiction and see the new look! It's fabulous and Apryl has been working so hard (and looooooong nights) on getting it all completed. I've been reviewing and editing for FA for many, many years now and absolutely love it and all of the wonderful tools it offers. Someday (when I can get my head back into it fully) I'm hoping to finish up a few manuscripts I've been working on through the years, who knows maybe one will get published! ;)

My poor boy has picked up some sort of stomach bug but what a trooper I've hardly heard a complaint out of him. It's always hard to see your kids not feeling well :( We've been doing lots of crafts and reading to keep us busy. Last week while in Ann Arbor, we stopped in Tree Town Toys (such a cool toy shop!) and picked up a fun color forms game. Color forms might just be the most fun things to play with. They allow you to be creative, artistic and funny. The one we picked up was a silly faces one so needless to say it's gotten a lot of laughs around here. I used to love to play with all my color form dolls growing up.

Ok so that's all for now! Time for me to get back to work and keep checking things off my to do list, it's always so satisfying!

Blogged----Check!! ;-)


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