Organize me!

The purge continues! I love purging and organizing, once I get going it's hard to stop. Today I've tackled the trunk in the living room that is supposed to be housing board games and blankets and instead was over flowing with seasonal items and old magazine and other junk. Not anymore! It's back to looking spiffy and roomy again...let's see how long that lasts lol!

My sister and I are getting ready to start new quilts. We completed our first ones a few months ago with our craft/book group and although time consuming it is addicting. Plus it's one of those projects that get worked on here and there so no pressure :)

Noah's feeling better today but we're still relaxing and sticking to light meals and lounging about for today :) Over the weekend we planted 4 new hibiscus trees that are full of buds and one has already opened, I wonder if we'll get a full bloom out of them before the weather turns? I think we're going to go load up on Hydrangea's and other perennials this weekend. Some of my most favorite blogs are filled with gorgeous views into the bloggers gardens and I get so much inspiration from them. I think the more mature my plants get each year the happier I'll be with the over grown, colorful blooms, English garden look I'm trying to achieve. I don't like things too bare or groomed. I like things to look more overgrown and somewhat wild looking even and very filled in. The Hibiscus are really going to add some privacy and fill in the one side of the yard. Our whole back yard is fenced in and has trees and flowering bushes of one kind or another all around except on the far end along one of the shorter fences and that's where we planted them so hopefully they grown nice and big and fill in that whole section.

The garden is looking yummy this year! We only did tomatoes but lots and lots of them! We usually try other veggies but our neighbors tripled the size of their garden this year and planted a huge variety of veggies and fruits and they all have survived and done really well (tons of strawberries!) and lucky for us they are super nice neighbors who love to share with us, yum! ;)

I have more finished jewelry to add to my website and etsy and even some vintage goodies for my F & G etsy shop. I haven't listed much there in a bit but I always try to buy items that I LOVE when I go out treasure hunting things for F& G. I don't just buy and list for the sake of selling and trying to make a quick buck. If I wouldn't wear it or enjoy it in MY home then it doesn't come home with me. The few times I didn't follow that rule and bought something I wasn't 100% sure of I ended up hating looking at it sitting in my home waiting for it's new home so it quickly became a rule of thumb for me. Same goes for my jewelry creations, if I wouldn't wear it, I don't create it lucky for me I love a variety of colors and styles so I'm not limited but I always try to keep things fresh and comfortable to wear too. If a piece sits for a while and seems stale to me or like something about it just doesn't work then it get's ripped apart and made into something else, sometimes that's just the way it goes. I probably sound nutty lol! So anyhow I finished a pair of earrings that match the River Rock Ready to Wear bracelet. That whole set is just so cool and fun to wear and it's easy to dress up or down. Well I sure am extra chatty today lol! I'm off to finish cleaning, clearing out and I have some new items to snap some pics of. Have a great day!


Anonymous said…
you are so lucky to have tomatoes! We planted heirloom and non of them really did anything. But we do have little yellow pear tomatoes growing happily. I'm new to your blog and enjoying all your beadwork!
Marianna said…
Hi Sara! Thanks for your nice comment! I don't know exactly what variety they are I still have the little info sticks stuck in the ground with them though but I never checked them out much lol! Tomatoes have seemed to be the only thing I can grow successfully. I had one year of really good cucumbers but that was ages ago and I haven't been able to do it again since lol!

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