Divine Designs

Aren't these divine!? They remind me of the Christian Louboutin 's that Christina Aguilera wore on the red carpet not too long ago. These are by Na Na at Piperlime for a song! Ok so I'm easily distracted especially when it comes to shoes lol! So back to the real reason for stopping in today. I have been playing with new glass this week and loving every minute of it. I'm not sure what I'll have ready for specials this week so I'll wait another day or two before deciding. That ought to give me enough time to finish up some orders that need to head out to their new owners and then evaluate where the specials are heading.
Here's a few snapshots of Noah's birthday party.

We've been spending much of our outdoor time playing in the new playhouse that my parents bought for him. Here we are pretending we're camping :) I'm off to get started on my day. It'll be full of shipping, bead making, soldering and errand running, appointments and what nots. Hope you have a lovely day!


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