Treasure boxes are going up!

What a fun and fantastic weekend! The weather was gorgeous and we had family BBQ's both Saturday and Sunday. I'm still uploading pictures but aside from getting eatten up by mosquitos it was delightful! I have another Treasure Box making it's way to my Etsy shop later today and a TON of new joolz in the shop as well as on my website and more on the way. I've been busy with custom orders but doing well with the schedule and scootin right along. I've also added new Worth the Wait beads for order and will be adding more to my etsy shop as well. So keep checking back for the latest :)

And cross promoting my shops is always a good thing and I don't think I do enough of it so if you are a vintage lovin' gal like I am then head on over to My Fred & Ginger and check out all the latest goodies I've listed, including but certainly not limited to this fabulous red I Love Lucy shirt dress!


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