Summer Daze...

I am having such a tough time concentrating on working on getting ready for my Indiana show this Saturday. The weather has been awesome, well, except that as I type it's pouring down rain and thundering and lightening but all week and all day it's been gorgeous! For those of you in the Howe/Lagrange area email me for directions and come out and see me! I have so many new bead designs sketched out and in my head so I'm hoping when I get back I can concentrate on new beady things and get some specials up for you but in the mean time you'll find all new Worth the Wait beads up for order.
I'll also be needing get a move on planning Noah's birthday party when I return. My little baby is going to be turning 3 this month, he's growing so fast! Too much to think about between work and home so I can see this is going to be list writing overload month lol! I love my lists though, especially checking things off :)

I just picked up "Stop in the Name of Pants!" by Louise Rennison today. It's the 9th book in her Georgia Nicholson series and it's a young adult read but if you are into quick reads with a lot of laugh out loud moments then I highly recommend the whole series. I'm nuts about it and I'm off to bed to have a few laughs before lights out. Have a great night!



Anonymous said…
Ah, time goes by so quickly with children!! I know, my oldest is turning 21 this Fall - where does the time go?! Best of luck this weekend at the show - I'm sure you'll do great!!

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