River Rock Ready to Wear

The River Rock Ready to Wear is just about to go up in my Etsy Shop. For those of you who got in on the orders I was taking on these beads for this weeks specials here is one of many ways you can use the toggle/ring. I love the way it turned out. I've been wearing this one all day long and it's completely comfortable and stunning. I can hardly keep my hands off of it. It feels great on the wrist and I adore the starfish charm, the detail on both sides of the charm is stunning.
The toggle is cast and stamped with what looks like lettering, almost like a worn dictionary page, Love it!
I ended up ordering most of Noah's birthday party decorations and they have arrived. Super cute! I'm finally getting around to scrapbooking his 2nd birthday pics, hooray! Feels good to finally be getting that done. I've had the papers and embellishments all picked out and saved since last year and they turned out great I'll have to snap a few shots. Simple pages nothing fancy but the colors and pictures really work well together. My next goal is to start working on my calendar pages. I think that's going to be fun, I've never done a calendar before. It's one of the large sized calendars and where there would normally be a picture or print of some sort it's left blank for scrapbooking and the one I picked out also leaves the day squares blank so I can fill them in and add fun things for specific days. Nice large squares too! I'll show you more once I get going on it :)

In the mean time I'm heading over to etsy to get the River Rock bracelet up and maybe a new pair of earrings, go check it out...


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