It's all fun and games...

until I burn my fingertip off, ouch! I haven't had an injury at the torch in a few weeks so I knew it was due time :) Oh well if my finger print will never be the same lol! On the beadier side of things, the kiln is so full of beads it looks like it's about burst. I worked on a few fall beads, Halloween beads and lot's of organic, encased, raku and other various fritted beads so I think Bead Specials will be served this week =)

I received some SUPER DUPER exciting news from Sara of Sadie Olive (LOVE her blog and shop, seriously so much eye candy it's unreal!) I won't share the SUPER DUPER exciting news just yet but I will just reiterate again (and because it's just so fun to say) it's truly SUPER DUPER!!!

Our Shades of Inspiration group on flickr is doing a pink and green color combo challenge this week. It's funny how I don't seem to notice certain colors around me in my every day life until it gets chosen for a challenge. I have some great vintage linens that fit the bill now I just need to find the time to snap a picture of them. I've been working on some new joolz. I've had so many requests for the zebra print jewelry that I had up a few weeks ago and I've managed to score some more of those great beads but I've been working them up a bit different this time, trying to keep it interesting and fresh. I'll try and have those up in the next day or two. Have a great night!

PS. That fabulous vintage copper tea pot is available on my F & G etsy shop!


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