I'm back!

We're back! oh gosh we had such a wonderful time! The weather was amazing and we didn't have to turn the a/c on not once and it was actually chilly at night and perfect to sleep with blankets. I feel like I didn't take as many pictures as I normally would there was so much to do and so many activities planned. It was Christmas in July so all the kids got a visit from Santa and Santa's helper who was giving away lot's of candy. Our friends Cindy and Joe got a new little puppy and Noah was just loving it! She's a little mini Daschund and totally adorable! Makes me want a new puppy! I have my heart set on a specific breed and keep hinting to the hubby lol! See what I mean? Cute or what?
The guys all got their fill on hill billy golf toss game and some other tossing games they love to play. We have all these games here at home too so I need to practice so I can join in without making a total fool of myself lol! It's so much fun!
Joe and Tony were going up against each other here lol!

My show was absolutely fantastic! This is my second year doing this show and I LOVE it! The subdivision is open to the public on this day but the vendors all are residents and it's so nice because I get to pick where ever I want to set up and as many tables as I like (that are provided.) I keep my tables totally plain, usually I have all sorts of risers and furniture to display on but I kept it as simple as possible with trying to haul the least amount of things and just laid out all my jewelry instead but it worked out great! My mother in law sat with me the whole time and it was pretty funny, she was pimping out my jewelry the whole time it was really nice. I should bring her to all my shows lol! It was my best selling show to date too! AND it was only for 2 hrs!!! I couldn't believe how busy I was the entire time! It was nuts and exciting I think I'm still riding on that high from it lol! Now I need to replenish my inventory for upcoming shows because the next one will be here before I know it.
Here's Noah taking a break from all his running around. He's sopping wet here after just going down the big Bonsai water slide. I was totally shocked that he even went and VERY proud! Normally he just likes to chill in the pool where it's heated but the slide was cold hose water and super fast so he did it once and once was enough. He thought about it and started to go again but then looked at that cold water and shivered and said never mind lol!
Here's the golf cart parade! Everyone decorated their golf carts for the 4th and paraded all around it was so much fun!
The fireworks were fabulous too!
So as you can see it was just a whole lotta fun! It was wonderful being surrounded by all of our great friends and having all our families together and sharing nonstop laughs and watching the kids play. Eating great foods, dancing, karaoke and yes even relaxing I know it's hard to believe we got any of that in but we did :) On the way home we took all back roads, it adds at least another hour and half to the ride but Noah travels so well and with the GPS we don't worry too much about getting lost and we get to see funny signs like this:We also found a HUGE garage sale selling an almost brand new outdoor play set that I've been wanting to get Noah. Score! $20! can't beat that. Originally I was looking to pick up one of those big hard plastic like playhouses but my parents decided to buy him one for his birthday so this was just a lucky find. I wasn't sure at first how we were going to get it home but even with all our camping gear it was all good, I seriously LOVE our new truck. So much more room and SOOOO good on gas!
Now I'm off to go do some major updating on my website. So much sold it'll probably look a little bare for a while although a lot of what I sold I never bothered putting up on the site yet so maybe it won't look to bad. Many of you designing diva's are getting ready for fall shows and requesting Halloween beads from me already so I'm putting up a few sets on my Worth the Wait page and on etsy as well. I know how it is with upcoming shows and needing enough time to prepare the seasonal items and it gives me perfect opportunity to make up extras to keep for myself and have ready for my own shows too so check back later today for those beads! Hope you all had a wonderful and safe 4th of July too!



Anonymous said…
Wow!! Sounds like you had a fantastic time and what fabulous pictures!! That sign is too cute!! You've got loads of work ahead of you with restocking the shop but I'm sure the wonderful feelings will carry you through!!
Marianna said…
Thanks Sharon! I feel like I better strike while the iron is hot or I'll lose momentum lol!

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