Blooms and bead talk

No beads to show just yet so in the mean time here's a few snapshots from around my yard that fit in with my Pink & Green challenge. I adore this Japanese Silk just as much as the humming birds (thanks to a Flickr photography friend who told me what kind it was!) Hopefully my timing with be just right and I'll get to capture some humming birds with it soon :)
Little by little I keep filling in and packing things in closer and closer together both in hopes that it will mean less weeding for me and because I'm hoping that in due time I can have an English Garden look happening throughout my flower beds.
The colors are really inspiring. I have a beautiful variegating hand pulled pink coral glass that looks like this. It'll be fun to try to mimic these in glass ,wouldn't it?
French Garden House, owned by Lidy is a blog and boutique that I frequent almost daily. It's full of inspiration and eye candy at every click of the mouse and she always shares spectacular shots of her garden. She offers great tips on gardening and soil and zones and things I would never have thought about or known anything about, very helpful! Check it out if you are botanically challenged like I am or if you enjoy get pictures of beautiful flowers and antiques. She has definitely inspired me to add Hydrangeas to my garden list for next season. They're GORGEOUS! I want them everywhere!

Enjoy your Saturday!
PS. just trying to finish up a few sets that weren't quite complete so be sure to check back for Bead Specials they're coming in the next day or two!


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