Vintage Locket Ring craze...

My new vintage locket collection is coming along. I'm pretty pleased with the way this latest one turned out. It was created using a vintage, fully functional locket base, a vintage brass doily styled piece and the piece de resistance is the vintage Swarovski crystal re purposed/up cycled dragon fly hair clip that has now found a new home upon this finished locket ring.

I have add it to a gold tone, hammered, wide band, full adjustable ring blank that I love so much both for their comfort and beauty.

My I Saw Red for today and Meaty turned Veggie, Day 1: So far so good! breakfast is easy, Grape Nuts (my favorite!) with Silk Soy & Fresh Fruit. Yum! Lunch: Fresh cut tomatoes with homemade Italian bread drizzled in olive oil and Romano cheese and a dash of salt. See what I mean about the dairy? Cutting out cheese alone with meat will make me want to toss myself into traffic ;)

Hubby LOVES to cook (I'm a lucky gal for this I know) so dinner is all his doing, let's see what cooking creativity he comes up with tonight! :) He works midnights and gets off work usually around 6:30am, I heard him come in around 7:45 this morning toting bags full of fresh yummies to help me start my day! I didn't even ask, no list made or nothing! How sweet is he?! I think I'll let him sleep in a bit today :)



Lori said…
love the is so pretty...i would toss myself into traffic too if i had to give up meat, lucky for me i have no intentions of doing so:)
Anonymous said…
Love the tomatoes pic! The ring is very cool too!
Anonymous said…
Absolutely gorgeous ring Marianna - just love it!!
laurie eller said…
You are so brave with the new diet change. Wow. I could never do it. Why? Mainly because my hubby is an excellent chef, mixing the outdoor garden with wonderful fish, chicken and sometimes steak. (sorry to tempt...ugh!) His best meal is a Tortilla soup where he piles sour cream, cilantro, diced fresh tomatoes and his homemade tortilla chip strips. OMG. TDF! INSIDE the soup you'll find shredded chicken and so many other wonderful goodies, that I'm now thinking it'll be on tomorrow's dinner table ... if i can get him to make it. :)

ANYWAY!! we watch too much food network. LOL Love Giada!! Okay i gotta shut up.


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