Seeing Red...

Nope I'm not mad, I'm talking about this fun little photography, inspiring, bloggy gathering that Sarah started up called "I Saw Red." Now that she mentioned it, I'm seeing red everywhere I look! I already had a few favorite pictures to contribute that I took a few weeks ago but it'll be fun to share new ones along the way. I think she'll be throwing out a new color theme next week, I can't wait! This is ganna be fun! :)

This weekend we have had glorious weather. It's been in the upper 70's and breezy and perfect for finally getting much needed work on the backyard and side yard. I promised myself to invest only in colorful perennials this year and that's exactly what I've been planting all weekend. I have several others that I've been researching to make sure they will do ok here in Michigan and I hope to pick some more up in the coming weeks. I have hostas that are growing like crazy huge everywhere. I really love them, they look great and are great filler (plus they're hard to kill lol!) So I've been transplanting several to new locations because they started to crowd some of my roses and we had a totally bare little side yard/courtyard like area outside my studio window. We put in two honeysuckles that we can hopefully get to grown and climb the arbor and fence and a Bleeding Hearts and some smaller pink blooming things that I thought were cute. I'll have to check their little tags to see their proper names. Anyhow it's finally coming along back here and it's finally nicer to look at so I don't have to turn my chair around so I'm not looking at overgrown weeds when I decide to do my updates outside on my laptop lol! It used to drive me nuts!

In other non bead or jewelry related chit chat tomorrow is my first official day as a vegetarian! We'll see how long it last but if you follow any of the Oprah diets, she's currently doing a 21 day cleanse which sounds totally awesome but hard to do. She's cutting all meats, dairy, alcohol, sugars and breads from her diet for 21 days. She of course has a personal chef whipping up tasty treats for her, I on the other hand do not lol! So in order to be more realistic about it I've decided to do it my own way and cut out meats (and as much sugars as I can) and then I'm going to gradually remove dairy. Alcohol is a piece of cake and always has been except for the occasional beer when camping or with dinner but dairy is going to be waaaaaaay harder than meats for me. For this past week I've been paying attention to what I eat and what will be the hardest to cut out and dairy is for sure it. Anyone else trying this? Anyone else a vegetarian or vegan and would like to leave me wonderful tasting recipes (pretty please!)? Anyone think I'm nuts? lol! Leave me a comment or email me I'd love to hear from you. Sometimes I feel like I might be blogging about dumb things with you or boring you but I hope not! :) I get great responses and emails all the time and I really appreciate them a lot.

Well I'm off to enjoy the rest of the weekend and sit here and enjoy my weed free flower beds. Doorhandle is fixed so there will be beads this week, wait, did I ever mention how I went out to make beads and accidentally ripped the doorhandle off and couldn't get into the garage lol! I apparently don't know my own strength lol! Hubby put a new one on but I still lost a few days work because then I had other things that I had to finish up first. I hate being thrown off schedule, arrrg.

hugs! M


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