Red Thursday

whew! it's the perfect day to stay indoors and create and enjoy the A/C for sure. 100% humidity and temps reached 90 today. I've got a few new lovelies to share but first here is my Red for today. The first is of Noah at the Erie Orchard last fall and the second is a cute little vignette of N's red rocker and toy bucket.

As for the new joolz I've got a mix of old and new. Here is some bold and colorful purple dyed jade and a zebra print pendant make for a Retro Glam kind of look.
Zebra print is my absolute favorite! I love adding little dashes of it around the house with accessories so when I found these cool pieces I just new they would make up some fun jewelry.
This ultra blue vintage foil back German stone used to be a screw back earring but it lost it's partner. It's much to dazzling to toss away so it's been up cycled/recycled/re purposed (which term do you prefer lol!) into this fabulous new ring. The foil does show some wear but it's still an wonderful old treasure to enjoy.
This fabulously fun flower ring is create with these vintage pink plastic (a soft plastic to it's totally comfy and movable) flower pieces and I've finished it off with a vintage freshwater pearl that used to be a screw back earring that was also missing it's partner. The ring is fully adjustable and it's a terrific match to THIS necklace don't ya think?!and I couldn't resist a matching bracelet! I just love the asymmetrical style of this bracelet. I have a hard time creating bracelets and NOT adding a dangle or charm of some sort and this was no exception :) Once I get this one listed in the shop and on etsy you'll get to see more pictures of it being worn, it's way cool!
Thanks so much for stopping by today! Stay cool and enjoy the rest of your day!



RockerJewlz said…
Wow, Marianna, those purple beads with the zebra stripes...nice!

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