My Red for today

I am having a lot of fun with my "I Saw Red" group. I am seriously seeing red everywhere! Above was taken of a pile of my vintage sewing bits collection and below these vintage style Coca-Cola bottles were stacked in their vintage wood crates in a HUGE pyramid of soda. They make a great display at a little cafe in Indiana I couldn't resist. I played this one up in photoshop but I have the original on my other computer and the red is very vibrant and cheery.
I have a few more pictures to upload and tweak and share of more red, a new necklace and another locket ring on the way. I've added my vintage locket Dragonfly ring to my etsy shop but not yet to my website. So check back soon, that an many other new goodies will be up soon!

Things are going great with my vegetarian adventure. I let the hubby off the hook for dinner yesterday and decided to try a pasta dish with a creamy cheesy sauce and fresh broccoli it was excellent and made from scratch which is rare for me lol! I made it just like I do my Alfredo sauce except I used fresh Amish Aged Farmers cheese that we get from Indiana. Yum! And tonight we did a Mexican night and I was able to eat bean burritos. I think if I can keep it simple I won't stray from my plan, so far so good. Ok I'm off to cuddle and read to the munchkin and then settle in to work on some pictures.

Enjoy your night!- M

PS. I'm new to Flickr and as soon as I can figure out how, I'm going to add a Flickr widget to my blog of the I Saw Red group pics. Everyone has some truly amazing pictures they've been sharing and I'm amazed and excited at how much inspiration I'm getting from participating with such a talented bunch.


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