Monday! Let's start the week!

My Colors of Inspiration group on flickr is on the color Blue this week for our photography subject and I just so happen to have finished up these beautifully detailed vintage beauties late last week. You can find these on my website this week but if you can't wait then head on over to my etsy shop.
Sorry for lack of post the last several days, we've been busy, on the go, outdoors and things of that sort and time just sort of slipped by me. I hadn't realized what day it was! lol! I have lot's of "to do's" this week, things I want to work on and new design ideas floating around my brain and orders to fill.
Our neighborhood is having a big garage sale Saturday and although I don't have much to put out my sister, who lives 2 blocks away does so I'm going to just head on over to her place and help out and mill around the neighborhood a bit and see if there's any treasures that would like to come home with me ;)
In the mean time I'm heading off to bed early tonight and try to finish up Fearless Fourteen, it's soooooo good!!! Then I'll go back to finishing up The Host (also fantastic!) I'm such a slow reader these days, seems the only time I have to read is before bed anymore and most nights I'm so tuckered out so once I realize I haven't comprehended the last few paragraphs anymore I know it's time to call it a night lol! But Fearless Fourteen actually keeps me up most night, it's like there isn't a good spot to just stop I want to keep reading! What are you reading? I'd love to hear!
xo- M


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