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If Noah beats us to the punch of setting the table for dinner then we eat on these. lol! Fancy, ey? Dora and Diego paper plates are fun for the whole family :) Noah's 3rd birthday is just around the corner and as an early b-day present
(and because the box was so darn huge it was taking up a lot space!) Joe's parents gave Noah his present early! And still the kids obsession with Hummer trucks continue. You'd think this would be the ultimate but it's not. He says this is just his baby Hummer truck and that now we need to buy the real big one...oh sure, someday (how do I explain the ridiculous gas prices to a 3 yrs old lol!)

I have been coveting a pair of peacock feather earrings for at least a year now. It was always one of those things that I would want and then forget about and so a few weeks ago I was back in the want state of mind and viola! iamerica on etsy is a gem! Go check her out I also snagged one of her black and white obi belts! Fabulous!!!
Our main floor bath which I love and refer to as the "Green" bathroom has a beautiful custom cabinet with grand old sink that is original to the house however it was originally a dark walnut and then painted over a few times and needed a little freshening up so I gave it nice sleek coat of black paint and some big vintage porcelain french knobs and it's back to looking nothing less than fabulous! Eventually I'd like to get a new piece of counter top for it and new sink fixtures in matching with the vintage porcelain look but that cabinet is like a old piece of furniture and a good "freshening up" just made a world of difference!
My Treasure Boxes are just about ready. As you can sort of see they are packed with all sorts of vintage goodies. I have some old book pages and papers to add and then they'll go through their final photo shoot and be ready for sale.
I've spent so much time outside pulling weeds and moving things around the flower beds a bit but now I'm off to clean up a bit and cool off in the studio to create some new lovelies. Have a delightful day!



carsberg said…
Just wait till this kid get older and will want a real Hummer with truck nerf bars.
Anonymous said…
Wow - you've been busy!! The Hummer is too cute and those knobs are gorgeous!! iamerica's shop is fab too!
Anonymous said…
hello. I got to your blog through lori's blog and just was curious about your wish list. The red shoes with white piping, I have, only, sorry black with white piping. Wonderful as they are, I have only worn them once as the heel is just a smidge higher than my lower back will take. Size 7 1/2. If you want them, they are yours. susanne/drshuze/ wichert
Marianna said…
Hi Susanne!!
For sure! email me at stargirl at stargirljewelry.com


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