A few new things

Thank you all for the super nice comments and emails about my vintage locket collection. It's really coming along nicely and is a lot of fun to work on. I truly enjoy piecing old lovely bits together to create a whole new treasure. The Dragonfly ring is heading off to it's new home but I'll have more locket treasures on the way. In the mean time here are a few new treats. Click on the pics to be taken to their temporary homes in my shops and website:)
What a delightful antique store find! I found a few of them that I've decided do just the trick to separate and hold beads and other supplies for design projects I'm working on. They allow me to move them about when I'm not working on them and still keep everything I need contained nicely AND it looks nice on display! You can use it however you like, I have one up for grabs over at F & G that comes with 5 vintage clothes pins all bundled nicely.
Here's a peek at the "Treasure Boxes" I'm working on. They will be filled with...
beautiful vintage trinkets bits....
fabulous vintage notions and such and a whole lot more! I'll let you know as soon as they are complete and available!
Not a locket this time just a fancy little altered, up cycled/recycled vintage lock. A fun little finding to use as a pendant. Little might be the wrong word to use though as it measures in at about 2 1/2". The vintage sparkly swarovski bit used to be part of an earring but found a perfect spot on this lock that's sure to dazzle! This necklace is big and bold from it's textured and antiqued cable links down to the fabulous pendant that holds it together. I haven't a clue what the combination is but I think that adds to the fun of this piece. Perhaps you can crack the code during that boring meeting ;)
I'll be posting my I Saw Red for the day later but check out my side bar for my Flickr Group badge, I finally figured out how to create one so now you can see what a wonderful and talented group we are! :)



Anonymous said…
I love your treasure boxes Marianna, what a fabulous idea. It would be such fun just to open one and see all the goodies inside!

The lock locket (hah, that sounds cute) is just lovely - perfect chain for it too! ~Sharon

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