Sweating the Softie Swap

My softie swap deadline is upon me and I'm kinda freaking out a little bit. I've been working on my very first softie and I'm kinda nervous for my swap partner because what I've created isn't anything traditional looking meaning it's not like some cutsie stuffed animal of any sort but it's kind of a doll- ish frilly thing created fully of vintage fabrics and buttons I just haven't decided if I like it or not lol! Check out this blog devoted completely to softies! So cool! There are so many cute ideas. I'm not ready to share pics of mine yet. She's changed daily since I started her and now she consists of just a head...yeah sounds strange but she is just a head. She definitly needs a little something I just can't quite figure out what yet (and NO not a body lol!) I think I'm going to make her a court jester looking frilly collar and call it a day.


Anonymous said…
Oh, it sounds adorable (even if she doesn't have a body!!
Simone said…
Oh, I so want to see what you made. Wacky is good. Please, Please post pictures.

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