Miss Bliss Envy

This fancy little set has Miss Bliss envy. A custom order created for a wonderful customer! I don't know if it's the beauty of the Aqua quartz and freshwater pearls or the wonderful mix of textures and stunning colors but these types of pieces are my favorite to create! Most of you who have been around and visiting for a while know that I rarely buy in bulk which allows me to create one of kind pieces. So although I will try to recreate a piece upon request there will always be some differences to make it unique and stand alone. In this case it was the chain. Miss Bliss had a circular antiqued chain and in this set I used a beautiful oblong keyhole antiqued chain, again one of kind, so if I should get more requests for Miss Bliss please know that the chain used in your piece will again be different from these two. If you are new to my blog and website , Welcome! Come on it and stay a while! Kick up your feet and make yourself comfy and have a look around! It's a rainy and cozy day here in Michigan. I'm heading off to pour myself another Chai Latte and cozy up to my copy of Romantic Homes.


PS. I've just listed a ton of new vintage goodies over at F& G. If you enjoy flea market finds as much as I do head on over and let me know what you think! http://www.myfredandginger.com/


Anonymous said…
Oh this is a lovely piece! The colors are spectacular and I just love the symmetrical asymmetrical style... if you know what I mean. :)

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