Happy May Day!

Picture from Tuesdays Frog Photography who also has a great blog that I love to read.

Happy May Day!! I love the month of May! It's full of family birthdays (including mine) people are able to start mowing their laws and planting flowers, the air smells wonderful, the spring storms start up, the weather warms up but still cools down nicely in the evenings and camping season starts up for us, always a nice getaway! :)

We picked up the new truck yesterday and I gotta say I'm loving it. Not just the new car smell or all the new little gadgets to try and figure out and play around with (Sirius XM radio is seriously cool! Who knew?!) but that sense of relief in knowing that if it ever goes totally caput it get's fixed for FREE!!! Three cheers for warranty! lol! It's nice to look down at the dash and see miles in the low double digits, the start of a new journey ::sigh:: isn't that a nice way to look at it? and best of all the fact that we drove it around all afternoon yesterday and the needle is STILL ON FULL!!!! waaaahoooooy! So I thought it was going to take a while to get over missing the Jeep but it turns out I'm ok with it lol!

I'll be putting in a full afternoon at the torch so I can finish up all my bead orders today and have them out and on their way to your patience beady little hands tomorrow. I'll be able to enjoy our weekend getaway much better if I don't have beads on the brain.

I'm off to put some finish touches on a custom jewelry order I've been working on for a fabulous customer of mine and then it's off to the torch. Have a delightful May Day!



Anonymous said…
Yeah for May and birthdays - mine is in May too! By the way I LOVE your beads! ~ Sharon
Marianna said…
Thank you so much Sharon!!

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