Happy Cinco De Mayo!!

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!! We had a wonderful weekend away to the camper in Indiana and spent the day Saturday in Shipshewana celebrating their May Fest events. So much fun and lot's of cool stuff going on! Here are several pictures and I have several more to add here and there to add to my Random Shots of Goodness posts :)
This sweet little nest full of babies is in a low tree outside my In Law's camper. Last year the momma had used the same tree for her nest as well an I had gotten some pics of her speckled eggs.

This gorgeous setting was just one of many in this wonderful vintage boutique. I thought I was going to have time to run back but I never made it so I'm hoping it's all still available when we go back next week because this whole tablescape is coming home with me! LOVE IT! (Those are vintage melmac dish and saucers. How perfect for soup and sandwhich, right?)

Wood carver, there is waaaaay more detail than I could even pick up in pictures it was amazing!

Gorgeous boutique jewelry display, of course I was attracted to it instantly :) I only wish I would have remember to take a picture of all the other displays they did the neatest things with their accessories.
an hour later... check out the parot carvings in the background!
Noah and Daddy on the indoor merry go round

So now I'm back from our little weekend getaway and trying to get motivated to get some work done. Lot's of cleaning around the house to do as well. I can never figure out how it is possible for the house to get so messy when no ones home but it does lol!

xo~ M


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