blow out those candles!

New goodies are up in the shop! I have several of the new rings that I'll be listing on etsy also. Some will go on F & G and some on StarGirlJoolz. So tomorrow is my birthday. I haven't decided on how I feel about that lol! The hubby and Noah took me out to one of my favorite restaurants for lunch and I'm not sure what's planned for tomorrow. Wednesday is my brother's birthday and he's hard to buy for so it's become kind of tradition that I just treat him to a movie. Last year it was the 3rd Pirates movie this year it's Indiana Jones! I'm so excited! I can't wait I LOVE Indiana Jones! He's a cheap date and doesn't even snack on anything except for maybe a pepsi I on the other hand load up on popcorn, nachos, candy and then a soda (diet of course lol!) Then we're all heading off to Chicago for the long weekend. Taking in some museums and shopping. Noah is over the moon about going to the aquarium and seeing the baluga whales (he calls them baby baluga) I'm pretty excited about it myself. My mother in law gave me this antique rocker ages ago and I had been meaning to clean it up and refinish it and this week the weather was so awesome I finally finished it up. It's pretty old but it was actually in pretty great shape. It had a few nail pops to fix and just a good cleaning and it was ready for paint. Fire engine red, fun!
This cute little vintage school desk was an awesome find from our recent trip. I'm leaving it as is and it's going in Noah's room. My friend Mel found me a larger one with the flip top a few months ago and that one has found a spot in my studio. It had some rust spots that needed sealing and I'm still trying decide if I should faux up the desk top on it or not but in the mean time it looks great in the studio and Noah loves sitting and working on art projects while I get some work done :)
It is so beautiful out today so I'm heading out start clearing out some of the flower beds in the back yard. I'm trying to have more of a green thumb and learn about what I'm planting and the names etc. Noah and I even started an inside window garden of Sunflowers and zinnia's and they're already sprouting tall! He has to check them all the time and let's me know that "the beans are growing big!" lol! We've been reading "Jack and the Bean Stalk" a lot lately so all seeds are now called beans lol!


Anonymous said…
I love your newest creations and that rocker came out wonderful - perfect color! Noah is such a darling!! ~Sharon
Bianca said…
I love your blog and your shop! Thanks for hearting me:)

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