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I didn't get back on last night to update, I totally conked out lol! Our trip was excellent! The Shedd Aquarium was awesome. It was nice to get to split up our time in Indiana at the camper and in Chicago as well and even though Chicago is only a little over 4 hrs drive it was really nice breaking that time up. Remember that vintage Melmac set that I was eyeing a few weeks ago? I forgot to post about it but I indeed headed back and picked them up on last weeks Indiana trip! Aren't they divine?! Noah and I decided to use them today for lunch and they were perfect for our soup and cheesy biscuits, yum yum! Noah used his cup to hold his oyster crackers. The kid is nuts about oyster crackers. I'll have to keep checking back with that boutique because there are many other great vintage finds I've been eyeing :) SARAH DON'T PEEK YET!

Here's a sneak at my softie for my swap. She may even be arriving at Sarah's today! This was a picture from when I thought I didn't want her to have a body but then at the very last minute I decided to give her a body anyways. I caved what can I say? Then I packaged her up and forgot to take anymore pics :( But her body is just basic. I was really wanting to make a round body with a flat bottom so she could sit up on her own but my skills weren't quite up to par with figuring that out so she's more of a flatish pillow person instead and she reminds me of a bumblebee so that's what I'm sticking to :) I'm SOOOOOO nervous!!! I hope Sarah doesn't laugh at me!!! Ok she can laugh, heck I laughed at myself a little too, I couldn't help it, she is definitely original lol! So now what do I do with all the body parts I have left over? It looks like a dolly massacre. So here are a few pics of Chicago. The Field Museum and the Shedd Aquarium.
And Noah's absolute most favorite creature, Baby Beluga!! There were tons of them and they really are extremely gorgeous and mystical looking and with the sweetest faces.
Here we are looking for the Sea Dragons.
and a night shot of my favorite city!
Back only a couple of days and Noah's already telling me he wants to go back to "Cago City" lol! With all the trains and subways that he loves so much, when he sees our trains here he says "that train is going to Cago City!" I guess that's where all the trains go lol! So it was a fantastic time and as I say every time we go, once again it flew by and felt like there was not enough time to see and do everything we wanted to but every time we go back we make sure to go and do something different and we're never disappointed :)
So my day today is filled with dirty laundry, floor moping and just for the heck of it I already cleaned my closet, had to make room for my birthday shopping finds I came home with! Somebody check me for fever, I don't know what's come over me but I'm in a cleaning mood lol!
I have some new little goodies in the works that I'm going to keep working on in between laundry loads. I'll give you a hint: It includes fabulous wooden cigar boxes filled with lot's of lovely treats! Maybe I'll have a picture or two to show you in a bit.
Have a lovely day and check back with me soon!


Anonymous said…
Wow Marianna, you wrote about so many fabulous things in this posting it's hard to choose which ones to respond to. Since I've listened to your tails of the softie I just have to say that I think she came out great (I'm glad you decided on a body too)! She's really adorable and a fantastic original design!!

You trip sounded fabulous! I was just telling a friend how much I love Chicago; there's so much to do and it's just a lovely city!

On a side note I wanted to thank you for the heartfelt comments you left on my blog. It really meant so much to me ~ Sharon
Simone said…
See, she came out fabulous and who'd have thunk that she would fit in so well with Sarah's other creatures. I'll have to go through your jewelry pictures for some inspiration for my 99 Earring blog. At this point it looks like I'll be making more like 30 different designs this year instead of 99.

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