Thursday, April 03, 2008

Yikes what a week!

Wowsa! What a week! I'm still sick but it's getting slightly better so I'm hoping I can quit sneezing enough to finish up my orders over the weekend and ship everything out come Monday. I would have updated sooner however my wireless router blew out on me and I couldn't figure out how to reconfigure everything so that it would just connect directly but finally got that figured out today. The company that makes the wireless is sending me a new one though so that's good! I' m h oping it'll be an easy set up once it's here, I miss roaming around with my laptop :)In the mean time I do have new earrings up on my Etsy! Super sweet sexy little thangs. I love making earrings and I have so many pretty components for earrings so expect lot's more coming soon. Here's a few more that can be found my Etsy.

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